Jaqueline Joice Brito

This is my personal home page. I am a PhD on Computer Science by the University of São Paulo, Brazil. My thesis was primarily focused on the processing of multiple joins (Star Joins) in distributed systems. In 2016, I did an internship at the University of California San Diego, with Prof. Yannis Papakonstantinou.

My primary research interests are in improving the performance of decision-making systems and large databases hosted in distributed systems. This involves the use of recent technologies (e.g. Hadoop) in combination with well established concepts and architectures (e.g. OLAP in Data Warehouses).

I am currently located in Los Angeles, California.

Selected papers

Awards & fellowships

  • Microsoft Azure Research grant (MS-AZR-0036P), 2015-present
  • FAPESP BEPE fellowship with University of California San Diego, 2016-2017
  • PAE scholarship - Teaching Assistant to Databases (2011,2014)
  • FAPESP PhD scholarship - University of São Paulo, 2012-2017
  • CAPES Masters scholarship - University of São Paulo, 2010-2012